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This is a auto clicker tool to help user automatically setup mouse auto click, game auto play instead of manually.

Auto repeat mouse click anywhere.

Automate your mouse auto click.

Fast mouse clicker automatically in the background for the ultimate convenience.

Let the PC do what it should & finish repeated work to get you more time to live your life!


Free activation key will send to your email.


Mouse Auto Clicker is handy for automatically clicking your mouse buttons, making mouse clicks faster and more accurate.
It can simulate mouse auto click left & mouse auto right click to free your hands from repeating time-consuming, repetitive & tedious tasks.


How to Download Mouse Auto Clicker?

Step 1 : Go to home page Press Download
Step 2 : Input First Name, Last Name
Step 3 : Input Email(you should input the real email to receive activation key)
Step 4 : Install mouse auto clicker just downloaded
Step 5 : Open software though shortcut on desktop after installed
Step 6 : Get your activation key on your email for activation
Step 7 : Enjoy

Your key Expired? How to RENEW Auto Clicker Activation Code?

Mouse Auto Clicker is the freeware so you can get new free activation key right after current key was expired following steps below:
Step 1 : Go to home page
Step 2 : Click "RENEW Activation Code" on the navigation bar
Step 3 : Input your current email that you using for downloading software before
Step 4 : Input google CAPTCHA security
Step 5 : Submit your request
Step 6 : Get your new activation key on your email for activation
Step 7 : Re activation Mouse Auto Clicker with new Key & Enjoy

Is Mouse Auto Clicker support on multi PC?

The Auto Clicker allow user can use 1 account on multi PC and virtual machine but 1 Activation Key is only used for only 1 Machine.
If you want to get more key please following steps below:
Step 1 : Go to home page
Step 2 : Click "Free Activation Key" on the navigation bar
Step 3 :On the right find then Download and install "Mouse Auto Clicker App" from Ch-Play(android device) or App Store(Ios device)
Step 4 : Open App and Input your current email that you using for downloading software before
Step 5 : Click Start to get your lucky Activation Key, Every account have 5 times everyday and it will refresh on next day.
Step 6 : Activation Key will send back to your email.
Step 7 : Using Activation Key for new PC activating & Enjoy

Where is the Auto Clicker the tutorials?

For all example about Send function, you can have preferences to help file into Mouse Auto Clicker.
Open Mouse Auto Clicker >> Choose "Help Menu" on the top right >> choose "Tutorials" for open help file.

I Didn't Receive Mouse Auto Clicker Activation Key?

If you don't receive your activation key after download, re-new activation key or on mobile app.
Please patient may be our system is maintenance at this time.
Please input your information on "Contact Form" we will double-check and your case as soon as possible.

Is your First time use? You NEED new activation code?

+ Go to home page navigate to FREE DOWNLOAD
+ Input First Name, Last Name, Email(Key will send to)
+ Press Download
+ Finish, The NEW activation key will send to your email

Auto Clicker Video Tutorials

This is the right useful software solution for your automation project or any work that makes you repeat on a computer every day.

Check out the mouse auto clicker's tutorials video for a preview of the automation solution integration case study. Then apply it to your daily repeat work.

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Mouse Auto Clicker has lived through years of cutthroat competition to become today’s one of the best mouse clicker software. It gives you full control of auto mouse clicks to automate left or right mouse click between a given interval.

01. Start/Stop with hotkeys
02. Save/Load list co-ordinate
03. Dynamic Delay time random at runtime
04. Virtual Machine support
05. Support Send Keys ex: {F1}, {F2}.....
06. Send Combine Key ex: ^a (CTR + A)
07. Mouse Auto Left Click support
08. Mouse Auto Right Click support 

09. Mouse Auto Double Click support
10. Send text and Key Ex:{ENTER}
11. Send Paragraph support
12. Get mouse position by hotkeys
13. Mouse Scroll Up
14. Mouse Scroll Down
15. Middle click
16. Repeat

Mouse Auto Clicker to Bring You Ease and Joy

Auto click without pressing the mouse buttons! It can simulate left clicks & right clicks on any screen or window on your computer. It performs the same clicks you recorded automatically when you are not by the computer. It frees you from repeated work that requires a lot of clicking and spares you more time for stuff you are into.

Smart Delay

Dynamic random delay time at runtime of mouse clicker is one of the important factors to help users can pass the AI of Google, Bing search engine.

Coordinate, Script, Schedule, Interval & All Things You May Need

Mouse Auto Clicker presents you with every feature that may come useful. It shows you the exact X & Y Coordinate of the clicking point. You can record multiple clicking points and save them as a script for later and repeated use. The time interval between each click can be changed and you can even set a schedule to stop the clicking.

Auto Click for Universal Usage

Mouse Auto Clicker is can be used to assist you whenever you need the mouse to be clicked – playing games, using an app without batch processing ability to deal with hundreds of files, voting online or clicking on any type of webpage.

Save Money & Protect Your Health

Repeated clicking can cost you a fortune by damaging your mouse while it is also painful by causing wrist joints to numb, swell, etc. Mouse Auto Clicker can save your mouse from wear and tear and protect your health so that you will neither need to keep buying new mice nor seek help from doctors.

X & Y Coordinate Calculation

Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact X and Y coordinates on your screen – Mouse Auto Clicker has a coordinate calculator to get X and Y coordinates calculated. Just move the mouse cursor to the place where you would like the program to click and press the spacebar so that the click at this point can be s

Command List to File

Mouse Auto Clicker allows you to record one or multiple clicks. It provides a list of mouse clicks in sequence, where you can use the coordinate calculator to record multiple specific points and then hit Start to click them in order. You can save the list to an FAC file so that you can load it the next time you need the same actions performed.
Support load list Co-ordinate from file.

Time Interval & Schedule

You can set the interval at which the clicks will occur, set pauses between clicks & automatically stop after a desired amount of clicks and time, with the count displayed. It automates the mouse clicks and makes scheduling tasks easier and more accurate ever.

Help with Investment & Shopping

Repeated clicking can cost you a fortune by damaging your mouse while it is also painful by causing wrist joints numb, swell, etc. Free Auto Clicker can save your mouse from wear and tear and protect your health so that you will neither need to keep buying new mice nor seek help from doctors.

100% Free, Safe & Easy

This is freeware without the need to register. Anyone who has downloaded & installed it can have permanent free updates and free technical support. Mouse Auto Clicker is 100% clean and safe for all computers. It comes without any disturbance of adware, spyware, malware, and viruses. It is suitable for all kinds of users, whether experienced or not. It provides hotkeys to control all actions. It also has fine control over clicking repetition, duration, and interval. All you need to do is to input the number. If needed, you can also put the window on top of the others.

Assist Your Game

If you are a fan of PC games and online games, Free Auto Clicker also provides you the convenience to help you enjoy the games without some unavoidable, irritating & constant clicking. You can go out and spend more time with your friends and families while the computer keeps feeding your pets, mining, woodcutting, fishing, forging a massive amount of equipment like weapons & armors, repeatedly traveling from one area to another, etc. What fun it is!

Auto Clicker on Web Pages

If you are always surfing on the internet, you may find a lot of web pages that require you to sit and click for a while to achieve your goals such as online slot machine games, bingo, news, and broadcast sites. Also, some pages may provide online polls that allow repeat voting. Mouse Clicker clicks on all of these pages for you without hassle.


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